A Chinese investor bought Bordeaux Wine Estate Chateau Fauchey

According to Maxwell-Baynes-Vineyards, a branch of Christie's International Real Estate, Chateau Fauchey sold for a Chinese real estate firm. Chateau Fauchey is known as French wine on the right bank of Garonne River of Bordeaux.

This is a vibrant news that makes most of investors and developers must be surprised. An assessment shows Chateau is the most prime address in this area, the estate includes the 15th-century castle with 25 ha land site. The buyer is Profitsun Holdings (Hong Kong), the price is a secret.

Maxwell-Baynes-Vineyards considered Profitsun will develop the business and distribution the tip top wine for their clubs, the majority of them located in Shenzen, Beijing and Hong Kong.

chateau fauchey in france

The other transaction showed Chinese investors have collected the area that plant and produce the wine. For instance, in 2014, New Century Tourism Group bought Chateau de Bidot, a 34 ha property with a 18th-century castle and 25ha of the vine, James Zhou bought Chateau Renon in Tabanac in 2015.

Because Chinese's target is focused on Bordeaux properties in 2010, Chinese investors have bought over 100 estates here. They often direct the real estates that have the price for less than $1.17M. A large number of the industry experts considered that Chinese want to look for the wine supplies for their local market, additionally, expand their activities to wine tourism.

Adapt from The Edge Property July 24, 2017.

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